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Circuit Breaker Testing

Compact, Full Featured Analyser for LV & MV Circuit Breakers

Connect once for a fast-test of all functions

Clear display of actions and results that ensures a successful test

Immediate report printout to leave with your customer or CB

Can operate all day on batteries so no need for external supply

Versatile unit to test all standard CB's

Optional PME-TCE for breaker motion assessment


Circuit Breaker Testing

  • PME 500 TR





A sturdy, lightweight & compact unit with results recorder and built-in printer for instant reports.

The PME-500-TR proves to be a simple & fast CB tester with unit and leads in an easy-to-carry shoulder bag. With mains or battery operation, setup & result memory, PC interface (upload results or download tests), large clear touch screen (allowing CB details input) and built-in printer for instant reports.


The PME-500-TR can test timing, resistance, Open & Close coil currents and upto 3 sequences of test plus motion and acceleration with the PME-TCE.

Circuit Breaker Testing



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PME 500 TR Brochure


PME-500-TR User Manual


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Basic Performance Test


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Understanding Time Results

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