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Voltage and Current Protective Relay Test Sets

APEX Protective Relay Products and Services

Power of 100VA per channel. High accuracy & performance

Fast manual and automatic control

Custom defined database for test & relay type storage

Automatic testing and reporting via computer with edit/playback options

Master/Slave unit flexibility with Step Change and Harmonics

System development consultancy service



  • PTE-50-CE


  • PTE-50-CET


  • PTE-100-V


  • PTE-300-V



The Digital SCITS products offer a wide range of features to test simple and complex relay combinations. The single channel 100-V and 50-CE can be linked to the 3 channel 300-V and 50-CET for more features or can be enhanced with the single channel PRO option as well as the TRES and UNO combinations. The range provides the required accuracy and performance to test any electromechanical, static, or numerical relay for SCITS electrical commissioning and maintenance testing.


Applications for the protective relay tests include: single and three-phase testing of electromechanical, static and numerical protective relays; motor protection testing; differential protections testing; generator protection testing; reclosing and synchronization relay testing; low-voltage protections testing at line levels; impedance relay testing and directional protection testing. 

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