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DC Supplies and Injection Testing

From Testing High DC Current Items to DC Supplies for Tested Units

A range of DC Supplies and injectors from 60W to 8kW

LET-4000-R High Current, fast relay testing e.g. Railways and trains

PTE-20-FA highly accurate and stable Voltage and Current injector

PTE-FCG Battery Simulator to provide power to items under test

Also check out the AC Injectors; Raptor and LET range

DC Injection Testing

  • LET-4000-R




  • PTE-20-FA



Applications for the DC Injection test equipment include: the railway network and trains, commissioning and testing of over current protections, circuit breakers, thermal and motor protections, interconnections, measurement and protection transformers.

DC Injection Testing



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PTE-FCG Brochure


PTE-FCG User Manual


PTE-20-FA User Manual


LET-4000-R Brochure


LET-4000-RD Brochure


LET-4000-RD User Manual


LET-4000-RDM User Manual

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