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Molded Case and Minature Circuit Breaker Test Equipment

Testing MCCB's and MCB's upto 1000 Amps

The EMU range of 25A, 100A and 300A outputs to match your needs.

High accuracy and low distortion meets high standards of testing.

Connect multiple EMU's to increase current and increase productivity

Can be synchronised to external phase and/or frequency references.

Software can control upto 20 independent EMU-100 units.

Can be supplied as part of an automatic test bench


MCB & MCCB Testing

  • EMU-25




The EMU range is offered in a modular, standard 19 inch rack mounting unit, for you to create the custom-built test rack. Each unit can be parallel connected to increase power and current, to create a system to test low or high current devices or reconfigured for a new task. Software can control upto 20 EMU-100 units as concurrent test systems.


Applications for the EMU range include testing small circuit breakers (MCB's); larger molded case circuit breakers (MCCB's); thermal relays and overheating tests, the calibration of shunts and of measurement instruments.

MCCB & MCB Testing



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