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Mentor Universal Relay Testers

Complete & Comprehensive Relay Testing Solution

Finger tip control for manual and automatic testing

Extensive software with built-in routines saves valuable time and resources

Upto 12 Current, 6 Voltage & multiple I/O channels in modular format puts you in control to solve any task

ROOTS modular software, IEC61850 compatibility and Internet Upgrades provide assurance for future developments

High quality build with 10 year warranty provides a low maintenance cost and high ROI

Test, measure, sense and calibrate; a universal solution in substations and laboratories.


Mentor Universal Relay Testers

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    MENTOR 1

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    MENTOR 2


Mentor 12 is an exceptional unit that delivers exceptional performance and Return On Investment. With physical attributes of built-in, interactive display and controller, modular power channel design to match your requirements, multiple Input Output signals and interfaces for USB's, Ethernet, IEC61850, optical readers and more, the ROOTS software can deliver a wealth of routines, functions, harmonics and control to test, operate and calibrate a wide range of devices.


Mentor 12 can test all relay types (Overcurrent, Voltage, Frequency, Distance, Differential, Directional, Power Factor, Phase Angle, DC) as well as Energy Meters and Transducers

Mentor Universal Relay Testers



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