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Power Transformer Testing

Predictive, Preventative & Condition Based Test System

Software guides the operator through a complete set of tests

Individual or complete testing of:Turns Ratio, Recovery Voltage, Winding Resistance & Short Circuit Impedance

Evaluates condition & predicts failure of Electrical Circuit, Geometric Circuit, Magnetic Circuit & Dielectric Circuit

Analysis of results, trend of performance against previous results, Expert Diagnosis from the software plus alarms, warnings and service recommendations

Referenced to IEEE and IEC standards to help achieve the safe and long-term operation of this key asset.


Power Transformer Testing

  • ETP1
  • ETP2
  • ETP3
  • ETP4

ETP range comprises a powerful, expert-assisted software operating upto 4 modules for test different parameters of a Power Transformer. Under the guidance of the operator, a full data collection and analysis of the condition of the asset is achieved. Linked to previous results, a Trending of Performance forecasts the future reliability and maintenance requirements. 


The ETP range performs against IEEE and IEC standards to deliver a consistent and reliable analysis of a power transformer. Tests include Turns Ratio, Recovery Voltage, Winding Resistance & Short Circuit Impedance, performed individually or as a custom combination to meet your performance criteria.

ETP: Power Transformer Testing



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ETP System


ETP Trends DATA Sheet


EPT User Manual 1

EPT User Manual 2

EPT User Manual 3

EPT User Manual 4

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