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UV Corona Camera Fixed

Partial Discharge , UV and Corona, Detection & Measurement

Non destructive testing equipment to avoid catastrophic failures

Corona UV Cameras pinpoint invisible faults & breakdowns due to Voltage

Highlights partial discharge severity to rank & prioritise investment & resources

Records video with automatic tagging to aid speedy analysis & status reports

Conforms to IEEE standards of UV camera measurement

Designed to match needs of Rail, Helicopter airborne gimbals and Road vehicle mounting.



UV Corona Camera Fixed

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The fixed range of UV corona cameras, with the unique DayCor technology, enable the UV-c emissions from components in the early stages of breakdown to be seen and located before major problems occur.

RWE certified Discharge Detection and RIV Sensitivity

The DayCor technology within our fixed camera range identifies the UV-c (Ultra Violet in the 240-280 nm wavelength) emissions of corona discharge. The invisible sources are displayed and recorded onto a visible image to pinpoint the location, record the image and other factors, provide automatic tagging on extended data stream to help assess the severity and identify the next important step to rectify faults.

For Vehicle Patrols, Train and Rail maintenance trucks and Airborne gimbals on helicopters and UAV's to enable survey fieldwork on insulators, overhead lines, isolators, breakers, sectionalisers and components carrying medium and high voltage (MV & HV) levels.

UV Camera Fixed



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