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Step & Touch Voltage Measurement

Ground Circuit Step-and-Touch SNT Tester

A Current and Voltage Injection Tester

Checks operator safety near HV installations

Complies to standards MIE-RAT 13, and S34 of the Electrical Network Association

LET-60-VPC injects upto 60 amps and upto 1000V to 6kVA

LET-500-VPC injects upto 50 amps and 1000V to 50kVA

Ensures Ground Circuit Measurement is within safety limits


Step & Touch Voltage Measurement

  • LET-60-VPC


  • LET-500-VPC



The SNT Testers perform the vital safety role to ensure operators can safely work near HV sources. New and modified installations as well as maintenance on existing installations need, at some stage, to be tested to international and regulatory standards, as permed by these units.

The Step and Touch or Touch and Step testers are aimed at the industry standards BS7430, IEC60364, IEC60479-1, EN50522, EN61936, EN50341 and EN50122.

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